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From the readings in Chapter 7, respond to the following questions in a one to three page ( two will do) document to submit to your instructor. The submission must adhere to APA style guidelines and should include at least two scholarly references.

  1. Why are data analysis skills and thinking so important to spend analysis? Can’t software applications be used to generate the information needed automatically?
  2. How might a structured process such as Six Sigma methodology (chapter 4) be useful here?
  3. Why is it important to get other functional areas, notably finance, involved in spend analysis efforts? Can you think of some other functional areas that should be involved?

For your written assignment you will be responding to a series of questions related to spend analysis. Your Assignment should be one to three pages in length and must be written in APA format. For additional information regarding APA format Please reference the APA Basics Tutorial. For additional writing assistance please visit the Ashford Writing Center. For specific information regarding how this assignment will be evaluated please reference the Grading Rubric for this assignment.
Your work on this assignment should help you achieve your third learning objective for this week: analyze the implications of outsourcing and Identify the basic aspects, process, and importance of spend analysis. Specifically, I’m looking for application of concepts from this week’s reading in your papers.

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