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For your hypothetical client, you will watch the case study provided, observe and quantify the problem behaviors, interpret the data, and create a descriptive functional behavioral assessment (see figure 24.2 for reference). Even though you have created your own client, use the data from the case study. Also, create a visual display of the data (see figure 24.1 for reference). Then, identify an appropriate target behavior and select an intervention. Be sure to discuss behaviors using observable, measurable terms. Evaluate the data in at least two peer-reviewed research studies, cite them, and use that evaluation to support your strategy. Discuss your culturally or linguistically diverse client and how his/her culture might affect the perception of his/her behavior. Last, discuss how diverse family systems affect the planning, execution, and results of interventions.
Your Assignment should be typed in a Word document, double-spaced in 12 point Times New Roman font, meeting the length requirements (6-8 pages) for your work (not including the title page and reference page).
Your Assignment must be your original work. Make sure to correctly cite all sources used in your Assignment in proper APA format. If you need help with APA citations, see the APA Quick Reference Guide in Course Home or visit the Writing Center. You must credit authors when you:

  1. Summarize a concept, theory or research
  2. Use direct quotes from the text or articles

Plagiarism is not tolerated in this class.
Your Assignment will be due at the end of Unit 7. Submit your work via the Unit 7: Assignment Dropbox.

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