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1.         For its Zara brand, Inditex manufactures the majority of the garments sells and undertakes all of its own distribution from manufacturing plants to its directly managed retail outlets. Benetton outsources most of its production and most of its retail outlets are owned and operated by franchisees. Which is a superior system and why?
2.         The text refers to James Dyson’s difficulties in licensing his innovative vacuum cleaner (see https://www.atissuejournal.com/wp-content/uploads/2009/cs/cs_0801_02.pdf for further information). What lessons would you draw from Dyson’s experience concerning the use of licensing by small firms to exploit innovation?
3.         Many companies announce in their corporate communications: “Our people are our most important resource.” In terms of the criteria listed in below figure, can employees be considered to be of the utmost strategic importance?

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