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Following the basic structure of introduction, body, conclusion, and bibliography, .


The draft is due no later than the end of Unit 5/Week 7. Your instructor will review and provide feedback on the draft by the middle of Unit 6/end of Week 8, so the more complete your project is, the more valuable the feedback will be in refining and finalizing your final project.


However, if you would like to submit a draft prior to the end of Unit 5/Week 7, you are highly encouraged to do so. Submit it to the Dropbox as usual, but e-mail your instructor as well so he or she knows to look for it. If you get the draft in early, your instructor will likely provide feedback sooner, leaving you more time to complete the final project submission.


***THIS PAPER MUST BE IN APA FORMAT WITH INTRODUCTION , BODY, AND CONCLUSION, BIBLIOGRAPHY on SEPERATE PAGE WITH REFERNCES…. (see attached notes that include intro outline, and bibliography compile all into 1.

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