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First, find an image from a news or feature story or even an advertisement in one of the widely read news magazines now available on Internet (Time, Newsweek, or U.S. News and World Report, for example).
Bookmark the site to save for your own use. Be sure to provide this link to your chosen image in your post for your peers, so they may give an informed response to your submission.
Then, describe the literal or surface meaning of the image. Next, explain some elements of the rhetorical meaning (how the image is manipulated for a certain perspective.) Finally, evaluate the image using some of the questions provided in the Critical Viewing Checklist. Where does this image appear? What story does it support? What purpose does the image serve in the story? Why did the artist construct the image the way he or she did? How closely do the words accompanying the image, if any, fit with the image itself? How truthful is the image in what it purports to represent? What has been left out of the image that should be there?

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