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Factors in Favor of and Against
Topic- Gun control: Increasing restrictions on the civilian possession of non-hunting guns.
For the selected topic, complete the following:
• Construct at least six reasons for and six reasons against the topic. Rank the reasons in terms of strength and effectiveness.
• Explain why you identified each argument as either strong or weak in each category.
Include the following two parts in your completed assignment:
Part 1: Compile a matrix (using the template below- I have uploaded template on separate file) that lists and ranks six arguments for and six arguments against the issue you have selected. Rank the reasons for each side of the issue from strongest to weakest.
Part 2: After you have compiled your matrix, write a 500–700-word paper in Word format. This essay should explain and synthesize the information in your matrix. Defend why you have ranked each argument as either strong or weak. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

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