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1.                    Your response to the film must be focused around a single theme, idea, or concept we have studied in class. Using this focus, relate your analysis of the film to something you learned in the course, citing specific examples.
2.                    Explain how your experience of carefully viewing and analyzing the film has increased your cultural awareness of the visual world. In other words, what did you learn?
3.                    You must conclude your response with a personal interpretation of the film based on your understanding of the film’s CONTENT. You might consider the following questions in thinking about your response on the film’s content: Did you like the film? Does it connect to you on a personal level? What feelings or mood does it provoke? Why?
Compare Napoleon and that time and culture to the move AVTAR and the  Military Colonel running the mission to destroy the people and culture on that planet.
Experiencing the arts through film:
You may earn extra credit by viewing one of the listed, preapproved films and writing a response to it. The objective of this assignment is to write a short critical analysis. This is not to be a summary of the plot or a series of notes about the film. Rather, you should pick one theme or aspect of the film and relate it to something we have studied in class. It’s a good idea to focus on one of a variety of different themes, including but not limited to, costume, set design, character depictions, subject matter, historic interpretation, visual conventions and culture, architectural setting, set design, photography, use of imagery, text and image, iconography, allegory, symbolism, aesthetics, gender, race, etc. The best film responses include a close analysis of one or more scenes as evidence of your argument. Your response must be based upon your own analysis and not be based on any outside sources or research. DO NOT USE THE INTERNET!
The review must use complete sentences, be a minimum of two pages, stapled, and have the name of the film as your title. It must be typed, double-spaced in 12-point Times New Roman font, and have one inch margins. This extra credit opportunity is worth up to the equivalent of two homework assignments (50 points). Completing this extra credit is not a guarantee of 50 additional points. Any extra points awarded will be based entirely upon the quality and completeness of the submission. All reviews are due in class no later than April 26, 2012, and may be completed only once.

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