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Excel Assignment 2
Use the spreadsheet created in Excel Assignment 1
Center the spreadsheet title (Globai Transport) and the subtitle (Semiannuai
Customer Sales Analysis) over the spreadsheet as shown in the example
o Make the title 16 point font
a Make the subtitle and the title bold
Insert 8 rows
Create the lookup table as shown in the example spreadsheet
Center the table heading over the table
Use 12 point, bold font for the table heading
Create the Rankings column
Enter the function that you learned about in this week’s lesson that use the
lookup table to put the correct ranking for each company
Use conditional formatting to make the percentages over 20% display in red
Insert aย  bar chart with a depth of 200% below the spread sheet as shown in
the example Y
Use a gradient fill Blue Accent 1, 40% lighter
Insert a blank row under the subtitle.
Sort the data in the spreadsheet on the Customer’s narne in ascending order.
Save the file using a different file name from your first Excel assignment.

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