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Discussion 1 information:
Mental Health- Describe the basic details about Dementia, including what causes it and what people can do to prevent it and/or treat it.  Answer these questions.
What are the barriers that prevent older people from diverse groups from accessing mental health care for this condition?
What concrete steps could be taken to remove (or at least lessen) the barriers you have describe?  Be specific. 250-300 words. 1 scholarly source, APA format.
Discussion 2
Accessing Healthcare- Identify barriers that interfere with the elderly populations ability to access healthcare.  Select 2 that in your opinion have the highest impact on overall health status.  Explain why you selected these 2 barriers and answer the question:  Why do these 2 barriers have a greater impact on overall health status than the other barriers your identified. 250-300 words, 1 scholarly source, APA format.

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