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Discuss with your Learning Team the forces and trends below that must be taken into consideration while developing a strategic plan. Given today’s business environment and each Learning Team members’ selected business selection, discuss how the various internal and external forces below relate to your small business selection. Sharing this input will help to each student to prepare their individual SWOTT analysis below.
Prepare a SWOTT table summarizing your findings. Use the SWOTT template in the Course Materials forum to prepare the table. Note: Paste the completed table at the bottom of the paper and not as a separate attachment.
Your environmental analysis should take into account, at a minimum, the following factors. For each factor below identify if the factor represents either a strength, weakness, opportunity or threat  and include it in your table. Trends are based on your research of changes occurring in the industry your business operates in.  Provide a brief statement explaining why each force represents either a strength, weakness, opportunity or threat.
•                     External forces and trends considerations:
o                     Legal and regulatory
o                     Global
o                     Economic
o                     Technological
o                     Innovation
o                     Social
o                     Environmental
o                     Competitive analysis
•                     Internal forces and trends considerations:
o                     Strategy
o                     Structures
o                     Processes and systems
o                     Resources
o                     Goals
o                     Strategic capabilities
o                     Culture
o                     Technologies
o                     Innovations
o                     Intellectual property
o                     Leadership
Write a 1,400- to 1,750-word synopsis in which you analyze at least seven of the forces and trends from the list above. Your analysis must include the following:
•                     Include economic as well as legal and regulatory forces and trends.
•                     Critique how well the organization adapts to change.
•                     Analyze the supply chain operations of the organization.
•                     Identify issues and/or opportunities:
o                     Identify the major issues and/or opportunities that the company faces based on your analysis above.
o                     Generate a hypothesis surrounding each issue and research questions to use for conducting analysis.
o                     Identify the circumstances surrounding each issue; classify the circumstances; attribute the importance of each classification; and test the accuracy of the importance for each classification.
Format paper consistent with APA guidelines and include citations from the texts and peer reviewed sources to support points.  At least one cited source must be from the text readings.

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