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Successful Deployment of Digital Dashboards
Three main strategies of deployment of digital dashboards include stand alone software
oriented dashboards, those based on an internet browser (such as IE, Mozilla or Chrome) or
those that reside on the desktop as desktop widget dashboards (these are rendered via a widget
engine). Standalone software oriented dashboards are less common than those rendered over
browsers as more and more users are adapting mobile technology. They are also harder to
maintain and costlier to build. These can also accomplish more and need more memory
resources. These days they are used to track important processes where dedicated functions are
needed to be overseen. Examples include cement manufacturing units where the movement of
raw materials is being tracked, and there is no other process needed to be run on the system for
overseeing this function (save the dashboard).
Browser based dashboards are the up and coming trend for the multi-tasking crowd.
These consume much less memory and are devoted to personal causes usually, though that is not
a requirement. These are being used in, for example, stock trading, where the dashboard is
customized for the individual user and real time performance of the stock is monitored. News
and investing tips appear in the sidebar while the amount of funds available and time remaining
to trade is also displayed. For example, OptionsHouse uses a versatile dashboard for its users,
which is also frequently updated.
Those dashboards on the desktop can include such functions as the weather forecast,
breaking news, horoscope etc. These can be downloaded depending upon the operating system
employed and are simplistic.
Strategies for a more versatile dashboard, foremost, include provisioning of all relevant
knowledge process indicators onto the dashboard. Therefore, no aspect should be left
unmonitored. Also the dashboard should be real time, as much as possible, for gathering time
sensitive information as soon as possible (it could be connected to a LAN or the internet for
this). Lastly, business units should be in the controlling position while information technology
should be the enabler; analysis and processing of information gathered and presentation of it in
meaningful form is critical (Few, 2006).
Benefits and Value
Many benefits can be realized by an organization through the utilization of a digital
dashboard. Because digital dashboards are often used to measure performance, many of the
benefits realized are in relationship to this. One major benefit is that such analysis or metrics can
be displayed visually, which can allow for quick and easily interpretation. Visualization of
metrics allows mangers to recognize areas of efficiency and others where improvement is
needed. Additionally, having such knowledge can also help managerial teams identify negative
trends. Early notice of negative trends and need for improvement in efficiency allows
management to assess the situation and take corrective action, minimizing their effect on the
Another major benefit of using digital dashboards is the ease of pulling reports from the
data collected and displayed through the dashboard. These reports can reveal upcoming trends
which the organization can capitalize on. Additionally, they provided the needed data to make
well-informed managerial decisions. These decisions may be in regards to a singular business
operation or may influence the overall strategies of the organization as a whole. The digital
dashboard allows managerial teams to pull these reports efficiently, saving time and energy
compared to other methods of report pulling. However, the biggest benefit realized from a digital
dashboard is the ability to visually see the status of multiple systems at once. This allows for the
quick reading and analysis of decision which can improve a managerial team’s response time
and the organization as a whole (Eckerson, 2006).

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