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Description of Personal Technique
The technique comprises the three main aspects of physical exercise, relaxation and
eating in a healthy fashion.
Analysis of Personal Experience
I have always had great conviction in the role that regular exercise plays in the overall
psychosocial wellbeing of an individual. Quite literally, from the release of endorphins after each
session, to the more subtle and long term benefits of exercising are undisputed. Exercise helps
boost blood flow to each and every corner of the body, even if the part was not directly
involved. This helps push Oxygen to those cells, forces the waste products out and contributes to
growth. Good blood flow is related to a plethora of benefits. The positive effects of exercise are
many and proven (Biddle, 1995).
Tagged to exercising are relaxation and a wholesome diet. The body naturally craves
relaxation after a good session and the more tired I am, the easier I take to rest. I hear of my
colleagues complain often of sleeplessness or weak benefits out of sleep. Such is not the case
with me. Wholesome diet is related in that I can feel the contribution of it when I exercise the
next day. Fast foods and those heavy in saturated oils and carbohydrates make it that much
harder to exercise and contribute to lethargy. On the other hand, fruits and vegetables with
antioxidants contribute to agility and a feeling of rigor or freshness
Equipment and Space
I believe in using the weight of the body to exercise. This helps me reduce any exercising
related injury: sprains or strains or broken bones from weights falling, or worst still, snapping
I have tried P90X and Insanity for my regimen. I also use a popular XBOX Kinect Zumba
regimen today when I find myself demotivated.
Using my own body weight means that my costs are minimal. I only invest in a new mat
every six months to ensure it is not torn or broken. Only other costs arise from the hydration, for
which I use Gatorade
Advantages and Disadvantages
I have always been an outdoorsy kind of person. So much so, that without a certain
physical rigor I begin to feel restless and the mind is hard to bring to focus. My body reacts well
to the effort as well. Besides the regimen of exercise, relaxation and good food appeals to all
four aspects of the psychosocial well being.
The only possible disadvantages I can fathom, for some people, would be the time
commitment involved. However, a regular regimen makes up for it by making the mind focussed
and improving efficiency. Besides the body is way more agile, easily more active and
accomplishes more. There may be cost issues involved for others – adding vegetable portions in
this country can be expensive as we have become a meat eating nation.
Effects of Stress on Psychosocial Being
If I do not manage my stress in this way, I reel badly under it. Most often my personal
reaction to stress is a headache, which can develop into a migraine unless I immediately take
steps to interrupt my fall. I also lose desire to eat or do anything to better my plight.
Psychologically, focus is lost. Tensions grips my conscience and breeds more worries, because
once the trend starts, it just keeps intensifying.
My recommendation for the company is to only involve two aspects of my regimen:
exercising and relaxing. These can easily be carried out in the office space and can be monitored
as well. Holistic eating will soon follow, as if by magic, because the three of these things go
together. At the same time, the company cannot monitor dietary and intake habits of employees
at all times.
Response to Other Techniques & Ranking
Actually, I have not yet had the fortune of trying out all of the techniques mentioned for a
variety of reasons, including the amount of time and money involved. However, many of the
techniques also overlap once we look into their focal point of action.
Assessing stress and Changing Response
Rank: Low
To me this should be borderline helpful because stress in its aggravated form can block
the mind from thinking and changing response takes much effort even when the mind is relaxed.
Therefore it will be a super feat for the mind to accomplish when it is really bogged down by an
Learning to Cope
Rank: Low
Learning to cope is also not a fitting response to me because of the sense of resignation
involved in it. Not addressing the root cause is likely to only aggravate the intensity of stress in
Consider downshifting
Rank: Medium
This can be an effective means for someone who is reeling under the pressure of the
excess amount of work and who is looking to address the source of stress: excess work.
Take mental action & Manage emotional responses
Rank: Medium
Mental action or emotional responses do not mean much without physical effort, since
they go hand in hand.
Manage your time
Rank: Medium
This can be an effective means of managing stress just as much as β€œconsidering
downshifting” is because it allows to reduce the burden and focus effectively.
Manage your finances
Rank: Low
Stress can occur from a variety of sources and only one of these is financial insecurity.
Relaxation techniques
Rank: High
Relaxation techniques can be a good substitute for exercising. However, yoga regimens
and massages can be quite expensive in the long run. Holistic eating however cannot be

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