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  1. Describe the theoretical foundation and building blocks of conducting good research 2. Identify two challenges to conducting good research and suggest potential ways to address and overcome these challenges

Consider the follows:

  1. What are the building blocks of a good research study?
  2. why is it important to choose appropriate research methods?
  3. What are the key challenges in conducting quantitative research
  4. what are the key challenges for qualitative research?

Reference: Leiyu SHI Health services research methods (2013)
QSR outlines common benefits, which include exploring issues, understanding curious phenomena, and answering key questions. Qualitative research usually offers deeper responses to research questions that quantitative data can not always provide. You get to engage test subjects, such as customers, more directly and get more thorough explanations to their answers.
Challenges involved in qualitative research are inherent. Because you are working with a smaller sample size, accuracy of results is harder to determine. Additionally, common techniques like focus groups may lead to groupthink or other influences that impact your results. Your biggest challenge, though, is interpretation. You must determine the results and interpret them by gauging the breadth of feedback received from all research subjects. This is much more difficult without numbers to work with

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