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Describe the Puerto Rican cultural group. Include demographic and census data, ethnic and cultural health practices, religious belief systems, language, nutrition, literacy, and education.
• Describe and interpret health beliefs of the Puerto Rican cultural group in relation to both health and illness.
• Discuss specific health and illness needs of the Puerto Rican cultural group. Use epidemiologic data to support this section along with data from your research on health problems of this cultural group.
• Discuss the management of health and illness needs. How does this cultural group manage their health and illness needs? How do they interact with members of the mainstream healthcare delivery system and access services to manage health and illness needs? Describe any cultural and traditional health practices and providers that may be utilized by this culture.
• Describe the dominant health care practices of this culture and any areas of conflict between the cultural group and the health care system along with the implications for nurses and the health care delivery system.
• Analyze Madeleine Leininger transcultural nursing theory and tool you used for this assignment and describe its strengths and weaknesses for this type of assessment.

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