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1.Define emotional intelligence and explain why it is difficult to measure. 2.Provide a situation where you would (or would not) express an emotion for an ethical reason. Based on the guidelines for communicating emotions effectively that were raised in your textbook discuss how two to three guidelines would influence how to act in a situation. 3.Explain how online communication can foster inappropriate expression of emotion. 4.Explain effective communication of emotions. Compare and contrast the advantages and disadvantages of online versus face to face support groups. 5. All this talk about self disclosure and confirming each other is too touchy feely for me Drawing on what you have learned about potential benefits and risks of self disclosure, as well as the importance of confirming messages, explain how you would respond to someone who made the statement above. 6.Explain the differences between defensive and supportive communication. Explain and provide an example of a confirming and a disconfirming message. 7.Explain the five principles of conflict. Discuss the different approaches to conflict and give an example of each. Discuss and explain the different responses to conflict. What are some ways for handling workplace conflict effectively? What happens in the early, middle and later stages of unproductive conflict? 8.The book discusses six basic fallacies about emotions. Describe the six fallacies and provide an example of each fallacy.

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