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Deborah–Interesting insights in your response. According to Fried and Johnson (2002), a strategic approach to human resources management includes assessing the organization’s environment and mission, formulating the organization’s business strategy, assessing the human resources with a particular focus on staffing requirements based on the intended strategy, comparing the current inventory of human resources in terms of numbers, characteristics, or practices relative to the future strategic requirements, formulating a human resources strategy based on the differences between the assessed requirements and the current inventory, implementing the appropriate human resources practices to reinforce the business strategy and attain competitive advantage. Strong evidence suggests that organizations that utilize more progressive human resources approaches including staffing strategies achieve significantly better financial results than less progressive organizations. An example of this are companies who appear on various best employer lists are found to have progressive staffing strategies and HR practices. My experience with my former organization aligns with this principle. As the organization became more strategic in its staffing strategies and began to align with key business strategies, employee engagement scores increased as well as retention of top talent. What is the impact of culture on staffing strategies?
Thanks for your insights offered regarding this discussion.

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