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Milestone 10: Database Design
All information systems create, read, update and delete data. This data is stored in files and databases. To fully exploit the advantages of database technology, a database must be carefully designed. Database design translates the data models that were developed for the system users during the requirements analysis phase into database structures supported by the chosen database technology. Subsequent to database design, system builders will construct those data structures using the language and tools of the chosen database technology.
After completing this milestone, you should be able to:
Transform a normalized logical data model into a physical, relational database schema.
Before starting this milestone the following topics should be covered:
Database design โ€“ Chapter 14
Milestone 4 or 5 solution (preferably 5 since that data model is normalized)
The goal of this project is to create a relational database schema.
Transform your logical data model into a relational database schema for the following database engine: SQL
Some students create the SQL code in a word doc, others annotate their 3NF drawing from Milestone 5.ย  Either way is acceptable.
Customer Response System Data Attribute Dictionary: Exhibit 5.1
Milestone 4 or 5 Solution: See feedback for the those Case Study Dropboxes
Physical database design

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