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Create and submit a 2 page narrative of your HR integration project to explain your approach to the project’s sponsor, Hugh McCauley for approval. This paper must conform to APA v6 standards.
File Naming Convention Followed
You should have had columns for Work and Cost in the Gantt Chart view.
Task count meets the minimum requirement.
Project Start Date properly set.
Project Summary Properly Named.
Some of your tasks need to be clarified. As stated in the Week 2 welcome,
when developing a schedule, the lowest or work level task must be action
oriented. See additional details in Feedback attachment.
The tasks within “Project Management” are not action oriented, though they
are not part of the project work.
Invite Stakeholders to Demo is another questionable task. You have no work
scheduled between the invitation and the selection.
Many of the tasks are non-specific with no clear work objectives.
Some of the tasks do not fit within the Summary.
The integrated HRIS is being developed in house with contractors that on
board from the previously failed project.
You have tasks without Predecessors that are dependent on other work being
completed before they can start. One common convention is to have a Start
Project milestone. Then, every other detail task will have a minimum of one
Successors are generated automatically when Predecessors are entered. All
tasks that are not terminal in the schedule must have a predecessor.
All work is performed at the detail task level! The summaries accumulate the
detail work.
Each resource should be a properly defined individual with the DOT Code
posted on the Resource Sheet.
Resource Assignments should reflect the IT skill required to perform the
task. The work schedule should not contain project management tasks
You have not provided work estimates for the tasks.
Most of your resource hourly rates will only cover salary. Remember that
this includes all administrative costs of having a resource, not just wage or
Salary, Benefits, Corporate Taxes, Facility Cost, Management, and Other are
not distinct cost factors, but are the elements that would be factored into
each resource’s hourly rate.
The schedule needs to reflect the work necessary to develop the integrated
HRIS in house. Tasks need to be expanded to support the analysis, design, and
development of each of the HRIS modules (sub-systems) including unit testing,
integration testing, user testing, development of training, etc., as indicated
in the feedback of your Statement of Work, which contained no indication that a
package would be procured.
Even if a purchased solution was possible, there are discontinuities with
the schedule. For example, there is a task to have an initial interview with
the current vendor, though some of the existing HRIS applications are on
spreadsheets and some are manually maintained by Managers.
Though all of your tasks are Auto Scheduled, As Soon As Possible, there are
numerous spelling errors, which detract from the quality of the schedule.

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