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Create a network schematic for a business you would like to start (a new venture) and two other information technology schematics for the business. Prepare a 2-4 page, APA style paper that explains your schematics and answers the following questions:
    Include a short summary of your business.
    How would you handle the telecommunications needs of your company at the beginning?
    After your business had grown substantially a few years later? Explain the reasons for your choices.
    Include a table that clearly outlines the strategic capabilities, the business example, and the business value.
    The schematics can be created using Office software or clearly drawn, scanned, and included as a .pdf with your paper.
Be sure to integrate vocabulary. Refer to the Real World Case on Metric & Multistandard Component Corp. (p.266-267) in the chapter for general information. (Your assignment is not based on the case.)

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