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Country Report Project: (India)
a. Select a country, which is not your country of origin, and write a minimum ten page country report with recommendations to the President of XYZ Corporation, which has been considering expanding its international business operations to include the country of your choice.
b. Your report should include an analysis and evaluation of all factors in the business environment including:* physical characteristics (geography, resources, etc.)* demographic profile (population, workforce
characteristics, etc.) * social conditions and cultural values* the political situation (political system, political risks, etc.)* the economic condition (level of development, inflation, etc.)* government trade policy* government foreign investment policy* foreign policy and
c. The bulk of your report, should explore the positive and negative aspects of the specific environmental variable which will have an impact on business operation in the selected country. The remaining pages should include specific recommendations on the types of investment or trade XYZ could undertake based upon your findings.
d. Your report should follow the format articulated in “Paper Requirements” above including a listing of at least seven sources, with at least three professional journals you have used to compile your country report.
1) Microsoft Word
2) APA citations
3) Page formatting should be 12 pts Times New Roman and 1โ€ margins
4) Include a cover page and reference page
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