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Contracts are part of a manager’s relationship with clients, suppliers, vendors, and even employees. As the manager of a temp agency that outsources employees to do product demonstrations at a discount store, you have been working hard during the past few months to make sure all of this client’s particular contracts are in order. This morning, a reporter called to ask you why employees at the local store have not been getting paid. The reporter tells you that an employee is complaining that she has not been paid for 6 weeks. The reporter explains that she is working on the story and hopes to have all information and interviews completed by next week, and then the story will air on the local news. Although the accusations are not true, you are concerned that your client could hold you accountable for breach of the initial contract.
Part of the client’s contract clearly states that negative publicity will not be tolerated on any actions related to the temp agency. You know that this situation can harm both companies’ reputations. You are concerned that a breach of the contract between you and the client is about to occur. You contact your client about the situation.
In the meantime, your supervisor, the account director, asks you to prepare a brief presentation about possible contract breaches:
•Use 1 slide in your presentation to define the term breach of contract and what types of actions can lead to the breach.
•List the breach of contract you are concerned about in this case, and explain why.

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