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Contaminated Soil
Damage to the Ecosystem
Genetic Engineering
Fertilizers and pesticides leach into the soil and are absorbed
by the plants. Fruits and vegetables, as well as the meat
produced from animals that eat the plants all contain residual
amounts of contaminants released into the soil. Nerve
disorders and various birth defects are thought to be caused
by foods grown in contaminated soil.
Destroying the ecosystem reduces its ability to recover,
limiting the amount of foods and resources it can produce.
Decreased nutritional value is possible.
Altering the genetic makeup of foods to produce more.
Reduces nutritive value and creates toxic byproducts.
Damages the environment and produces health hazards
that affect air and water quality. It also depletes natural
Which of the seven environmental issues is the most damaging to the environment and
Consumerism is, by far, the most damaging to the environment (Mayell, 2004). All of the
other environmental issues stem from the concept of consumerism. The ever increasing
need of the consumer to have more results in increase in manufacturing processes, the
creation of waste and the need to establish more ways of generating larger amounts of
food and other β€œnecessities.”
Repair a Broken Health Care System
Complete the following chart. Provide seven proposals for changing the health care
system. For each proposal, complete the Pros, Cons, and Future Outlook columns.
Future Outlook
Increased attention to
detail on behalf of the
health care provider.
second opinions
Better education
Would assure a
proper diagnosis
and eliminate
Improved health
care and more
Additional funding
to cover the cost of
a medical review
Extra cost passed
on to the consumer
and insurance
Extra cost
passed on to the
consumer as well
as additional time
Would reduce the number
of lawsuits and improve
the quality of patient care.
Would ensure proper
treatment in the long-run
effectively reducing health
care costs.
Would increase the
patient’s ability to care for
themselves and reduce the
burden placed on health
care providers.
Increase in
Ensure better quality
care and eliminate
possible medication
and other medical
Holistic treatment
More complete
treatment programs
and increased options
for patients to choose
Increased cost
to the facility as
well as insurance
providers. More
applicants that are
qualified would be
treatments outside
of conventional
medicine. This
would allow
patients to move
away from more
treatments such as
chemotherapy and
Would improve overall
quality of care. Place strain
on health care providers
who cannot find enough
qualified help.
Would allow a balance to
be established between
holistic and modern
treatment methods.
Reduced costs
Would make health
care more affordable
and available to more
people (β€œThe Obama-
Would reduce the
number of medication
Limit the number
of treatment
options and place
greater financial
responsibility on
the health care
Require additional
funds to install
scanning devices
and operate a
system designed
to review and
intercept possible
medication errors.
Would increase the number
of patients in the system
allowing those who could
not afford health care in the
past to seek it out.
Would reduce
complications brought
on by being given the
wrong medication and
would reduce the number
of medical malpractice
Seven Issues Affecting Health Care
The text lists seven issues affecting health care. For each issue, explain how the issue
affects health care.
Health care issue
How does the issue affect health care?
High cost of
procedures and
Minimal availability
of qualified health
Lack of resources
High cost prohibits many individuals from seeking medical
attention. They cannot afford many procedures even though they
have insurance. Many procedures are not covered by existing
insurance plans and consumers cannot afford to pay expensive
The availability of many procedures is limited in many rural
and agricultural areas. In some cases, inadequate staffing leads
to problems with availability. In some cases, lack of diagnostic
equipment can limit the types of treatment offered to patients.
Clinics and health care facilities in financially depressed areas do
not have the monetary resources to remain fully staffed or buy
the needed supplies to effectively treat patients. Lack of financial
support can also limit the types of medications kept on hand.
Staff shortages
Excessive medication
Improper or
Medication errors
The lack of nurses has a dramatic impact on patient health care.
Currently there are not enough incentives to entice people to
enter the nursing field. Nurses, physical therapists, dieticians and
other health care jobs remain unfilled due to limited interest in
the field.
Too much medication prescribed to treat illnesses. Excessive
medications create new health problems and can aggravate
existing conditions (Bogner, 2004). Nursing homes and privately
funded facilities have been shown to over-prescribe medications
to their patients to keep them under control and limit unwanted
Leads too inaccurate medication and forms of treatment,
possibly creating newer, more severe health conditions.
Increases the risks of complications. Improper testing procedures
and the lack of adequate diagnostic equipment can reduce the
effectiveness of a doctor’s ability to diagnose certain conditions.
Increases the risk of deteriorating health conditions and can
lead to death if not corrected. Misreading a prescription or
dispensing an inaccurate amount of medication to a patient can
have damaging consequences.

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