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Consumer Behavior Case Application Paper
Case 4-6: “Vespanomics” (page 661)
Case studies offer opportunity to consider hypothetical situations. This Assignment requires you to provide analysis and recommendations based upon the information presented in the case plus application of information from the textbook and from at least three additional relevant journal articles you choose from the Kaplan Library. Opinions should be supported using concepts and terms from these quality resources.
This is a formal analysis; write in a style that reflects graduate-level work. This will include an objective perspective, third person voice, and lack of contractions and slang expressions. All references should contain appropriate citations and the paper and content must follow APA formatting rules.
Use the template provided in Doc Sharing as your starting point to complete this Assignment. This template is already APA formatted and includes each of the areas as described below. Download the template onto your own computer and save the document with a distinct name representing you and this Assignment.

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