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Completing the Comprehensive outline with the information previous submitted (included again).  So the additional pages to complete the scholarlyy project by expanding the outline to include the examples and references attached in the 1st document titled scholary project topic summary and examples.  Here the assignment, however I just need a 12 pages, so since the outline is a total of 3 I need an additional 9 to complete the assignment.   So basically, I want this solution titled WK4Proj to be expanded into a 12 page scholarly project.
Only 8 pages!
Scholarly Project Overview
The Scholarly Project will consist of a 12- to 15-page
Throughout the course, you will also have an opportunity to engage in lively discussions with your colleagues on salient topics to frame your professional development.
In a 12- to 15-page Scholarly Project paper (exclusive of title page, abstract, appendices, and references), you will include the following:

  • A title page that states the title of your Scholarly Project, date,
  • An abstract page
  • An introduction including a thesis statement
  • All necessary content to effectively support the topic
  • A conclusion
  • Any necessary appendices
  • A reference list, in proper APA format

strictly adhere to APA format for your Scholarly Project.

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