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Answer in detail, and Carefully read and analyze the reports in preparation for answer­ing the questions.
Compare the format of the financial statements. What are the major similarities and differences? Why do these differences exist?
You are to prepare the report as if you are a team of analysts at an investment company interested in international investments in the chosen industry.
The Annaul reports of the four beer companies are:
SABMiller plc. use ONLY the 2011 annual report. It can be retrieved from:https://www.sabmiller.com/files/reports/ar2011/2011_annual_report.pdf
Craft Brewers Alliance, Inc. use ONLY the 2010 Annual Report. It can be retrieved from:
Grupo Modelo S.A.B. de C.V. use ONLY the 2010 Annual Report. It can be retrieved from:https://www.gmodelo.mx/download_/informe_anual/Informe_anual_2010_en.pdf
Big Rock Brewery Inc. use ONLY the 2011- First, Second and Third Quarterly Reports. They can be retrieved from: https://www.bigrockbeer.com/sites/default/files/reports/2011Q1.pdf
For Referencing/Sources use the Annual Reports of the companies and/or web page of the companies.

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