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Trends in communication and networking have been changing rapidly as technology has
continued to develop. Past trends in communication and networking were slightly dependent
upon technology. Communication was done either in person or via telephone. Likewise,
networking was done in physical settings, such as networking mixers, or through other contacts.
This limited the capabilities of businesses. For instance, businesses focused upon sales were
limited to the network and contacts of those that worked for the organization.
As technology continued to developed, both communication and networking have
transitioned and become dependent upon new technologies. In business, much of the
communication is done wirelessly. Emails are sent between vendors and clients, texts are sent
between employers and employees to assign tasks, and conferences are held online via webcam
(Ward, 2003). Likewise, networking has changed as well, using social media programs such as
Facebook and LinkedIn. Such programs allow users to connect with contacts of their friends, as
well as others within similar industries. The advancement of technology has helped expand the
capabilities of businesses. Organizations are no longer limited to their local communities, and
can instead offer products worldwide over the internet.
As technology has developed, so have the various systems used to complete operations
within an organization. As a result, managers have gained the burden of ensuring that the
systems that are being used by the organization are efficient. This burden has been rapidly
increasing as technology continues to improve and operate quicker. However, new systems come
at a price, but so does inefficiency. Therefore, managers must stay up-to-date on both to ensure
maximum efficiency is achieved for the organization. An example of this is seen within the
travel industry. Previously, tickets had to be purchased at the point of departure, directly from
the window. However, as technology has developed consumers are now able to book tickets
online from anywhere in the world. This means the manager must have a strong grasp on
technology and it must be working efficiently to ensure that overbooking does not occur.
Another example is seen with web-based companies such as Yahoo. Yahoo was developed on
the earliest version of the Internet. Management must stay current with the changing technology
to ensure that they are able to compete with new companies, such as Google, that are starting
with a newer version of the Internet with more capabilities. Yahooโ€™s management must ensure
that the technologies they are using are what consumers want, and are efficient for the
organization as well.

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