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Colin Powell was one leader considered to be effective. Write a paper addressing the following:
1. Explain how this leader has influenced you and why you think he/she is effective.
2. Analyze what characteristics or qualities this person possesses that affected you most.
3. Create a leadership scorecard to assess this leader. You decide what scores to include (e.g., scale of 1–5, 5 being the highest) but be sure to assess the leader holistically across the critical leadership competencies you feel most important (e.g., visioning, empowering, strategy development and communication).
4. Critique this individual’s skills against what you have learned about leadership so far in this course.
How well have they adapted to the challenges facing leaders today?
If you could recommend changes to their leadership approach, philosophy, and style, what would you suggest? Why?
•Using the University online library resources, and the Internet including general organizational sources like the Wall Street Journal, BusinessWeek, or Harvard Business Review, build a leadership profile of the leader you selected. Include information from personal experiences as well as general postings on the selected leader from Internet sources like blogs. Be sure to include 2–3 additional resources not already included in the required readings in support of your leadership profile.
Write a 5–7-page paper in Word format. Apply APA standards to citation of sources. By Friday, July 06, 2012

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