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Chose a publicly traded company that has comprehensive data; include financial statements, leverage ratios (debt vs. Net worth), value of company (market share), risk (beta), profitability ratios, debt ratios, and liquidity ratios compared to competitors.
**The model to assume is, as a potential buyer of this business, I have chosen you to investigate all the pros and cons of the financial aspects on my behalf, not the business.
Introduction: what is purpose, mission and inference of firm. Describe what market it is in, its product portfolio, customers, competitors & stakeholders.
Market Analysis: describe the competitive environment market trends.
Business Performance: describe how well the business is executing its financial strategy, absolutely and compared to competitors.
Recommendations: make clear and logical recommendation from the facts presented; recommendation include specific action steps and follow up.
**Request written report and powerpoint presentation.
Written report must include Citation Page…paper to be no more than 3-4 pages long, in APA style format.

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