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Characteristics of the U.S. Healthcare Delivery System
1 to 2 page paper in which you describe two or more of the defining characteristics of the U.S. system that you believe are particularly important to bear in mind when considering the delivery of health care in this country,
(Partial Access, Imperfect Market, Continuum of Service, and Quest for Quality).
Articulate how these defining characteristics reflect philosophical, economic, political, and or cultural influences particular to the United States.
Describe potential implications of these characteristics and their roots for healthcare administrators, including opportunities for change within healthcare organizations or the delivery system.
This must be in a doctoral level.
Content: Paper demonstrates an excellent understanding of all the concepts and key points presented in the text/s and Learning Resources.  Paper provides significant detail including multiple relevant examples, evidence
from the readings and other sources, and discerning ideas.
Writing: Paper is well organized, uses scholarly tone, follows APA style, uses original writing and proper, paraphrasing, contains very few or no writing and/ or spelling errors, and is fully consistent with graduate level.
Learning Resources:
 Course Media: Laureate Education, Inc.(Executive Producer). (2008). U.S. healthcare delivery system. Baltimore: Author
“Components of the US Healthcare System” (Dr. Jeffrey Levi)
Readings: Course Text: Barton, P.L.(2010) Understanding the US Health services system (4th ed.). Chicago: Health Administration Press,
                                   Shi, L., & Singh, D.A. (2012). Delivering Healthcare in America
U.S. Department of Health & Human Services  http: www.hhs.gov/
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