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Case Study- Jose Cerventes is a 55-year old Hispanic  man who lives with his son in Evanston, Illinois, a Chicago suburb.  He is originally from Colombia and first came to the United States at the age of 53.  His wife died of cancer before he immigrated to the United States.  He has since moved from New York to Florida, back to Colombia, to California, and then to Illinois.  Most of his moves have been precipitated by job searches.  When he first came to the U.S., he had a Colombian license as a civil engineer but quickly learned that his educational credentials were not recognized in the U. S.  Although this had a serious effect on his potential for employment, he accepted the reality and decided to take any job he could find.  this led to a varied work history for Jose.  For example, he has made blueprints and cables for microwaves, has worked in gas stations, has distributed telephone books, has supervised construction for swimming pools, has served as an interpreter for a travel agency, and has worked in warehouses and factories.  While living in Florida, he worked for a consulting firm that moved him back to Colombia, but the firm had financial difficulties, which forced him to move back to the United States.
He has now resumed his search for employment.  He says that work is important for him to maintain his mental health.  It makes him feel good, provides him opportunities for social interaction with a variety of interesting people., and  allows him to maintain financial independence,.  Though his son is always willing to support him, he prefers not to ask him for money.  In fact, Jose would rather give his son the money, as he would have done if they had continued to live in Colombia.  He feels strongly that older adults should be able to find employment regardless of their chronological age, and that the most important criteria for employment should be applicants’ health and their ability to do quality work.
Why did Jose face difficulties in finding employment consistent with his educational preparation and experience?
What strategies can be use to make  himself marketable in the workplace?
Is Jose’s experience atypical of older immigrants in the U. S.?  Provide at least 3 reasons to support your position.  What strategies might an employer consider to prepare its organization to accommodate an aging immigrant population into its workforce?  Provide at least 3 strategies.  250-300 words, one scholarly source, APA formatE

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