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Case Study Introduction:
Case studies cross many disciplines within the organization and are a snapshot of one’s ability to apply concepts and theories to real-life situations. Utilization of outside resources is expected, and appropriate application of concepts is expected throughout the body of the analysis. This case analysis is not simply your opinion; it is based upon solid concepts and theories. You should integrate sales force management concepts, applicable theories from the textbook, and outside resources into your analysis. Sales force management principles should be the foundation of your analysis. It is not acceptable simply to state an opinion; it is critical that your opinion be supported by theories and concepts and that the body of your work provides substantial citations and references to those theories.
Cases should be no less than 5 pages plus a cover page and reference page. Appropriate application of APA formatting is required. Cases develop a manager’s skills because the results are quantitative and qualitative in nature and offer a tool to support understanding. Case studies are also beneficial in helping you learn how to interpret information. Case studies place you in a hypothetical consultant position. As the consultant, you are to remain objective and refrain from making subjective claims. Opinions should be supported by applying concepts and terms from your textbook and other research. When you use outside research, always include appropriate citations and provide that source as a reference at the end of the paper.
A case study will have three common traits: 1) A case study deals with real companies and situations, 2) seldom has a solution, and 3) contains ample data. Your task as a consultant will be to examine the respective information and data, interpret the relevant information, arrange it in a practical and sequential order, and investigate possible solutions. You must remain objective throughout this process. Since this is a formal analysis, you are to write in a style that reflects formal, collegiate-level work. This will include an objective perspective, 3rd person voice, and lack of contractions/slang expressions. Any references should contain appropriate citations applying the APA format.
There are many ways to look at a single case study. First, look for questions that need to be answered. Look for issues, constraints, potential problems, and produce a summary of what needs to be changed in order to strengthen the company, create growth, or increase profits.
There are numerous ways to organize and write a case study. Use the following outline to complete the Case Analysis Assignments in our class.
Use the following outline for this Assignment.
1. Interpret the Problem(s): Interpret the problem that exists within the case study β€œComputer Services Corporation: Improving the Recruiting Process” on page 156 of our textbook. There may be multiple problems. Always keep your audience (a Board of Directors who may have hired you) in mind when choosing the problem statement; they may have opposing views on the situation.
2. Examine the Facts: Examine the facts presented in the case. These may include pertinent history or background information, industry trends, or other relevant data.
3. Application: Apply sales force management concepts, applicable theories from the textbook, and use outside resources in order to apply sales force management principles to this practical real-life case study situation.
4. Conclusion: This section is for any concluding remarks.
Resources for proper use of APA Style:

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