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Case 2-7: “The Mosquito Magnet™” (page 271)
Case studies offer opportunity to consider hypothetical situations. This Assignment requires you to provide analysis and recommendations based upon the information presented in the case plus application of information from the textbook and from at least three additional relevant journal articles you choose from the Kaplan Library. Opinions should be supported using concepts and terms from these quality resources.
This is a formal analysis; write in a style that reflects graduate-level work. This will include an objective perspective, third person voice, and lack of contractions and slang expressions. All references should contain appropriate citations and the paper and content must follow APA formatting rules.
Use the template provided in Doc Sharing as your starting point to complete this Assignment. This template is already APA formatted and includes each of the areas as described below. Download the template onto your own computer and save the document with a distinct name representing you and this Assignment.
The Consumer Behavior Case Application Paper should include the following:

  • A title page •Below the paper’s main header, begin the paper with a brief 1–2 paragraph summary of the case study’s situation. Do not use the word “Introduction” below the main header as APA formatting assumes the first section is an introduction to the rest of the paper.
  • Sections addressing the following aspects of the case. Include thoughtful analysis and recommendations.

1.Innovation Type: Decide and defend choice of type of innovation for the Mosquito Magnet
2.Innovation Analysis: Conduct an innovation analysis on the Mosquito Magnet
3.Adoption Cycle: Explain in what phase of the adoption cycle is the Mosquito Magnet based upon the innovation analysis. Is there a relationship between your chosen phase and the amount of time the Mosquito Magnet has been available on the market? Explain your reasoning for your decision
4.Marketing Strategy: Based upon the innovation analysis, recommend marketing strategies appropriate for this innovation
5.Word-of-Mouth Marketing: Review the website[c1] https://www.mosquitomagnet.com and determine if cutting edge technology online is presently encouraging WOM. Offer recommendations about what the firm can do to encourage WOM
6.Opinion Leaders: Describe characteristics of at least three likely opinion leaders for the Mosquito Magnet
7.Potential Markets: Determine five countries outside of the United States in order of their attractiveness as an export market for this project and justify your selection
Hawkins, D. I., & Mothersbaugh, D. L. (2010). Consumer behavior: Building marketing strategy (11th ed.). New York, NY: McGraw-Hill.

  • Include a Conclusion section.
  • Include a References page. Be sure to apply and cite the textbook plus at least three additional relevant journal article resources chosen by you from the Kaplan Library. Any reference listed on the references page must also be applied and cited, using APA, within the body of the paper.


  • This submission should be approximately 4–6 pages. This does not include the title page or the references page.
  • Apply relevant information from your textbook and from at least three additional relevant, credible journal article resources, cited within the paper, and included on a references page.


  • Use double line spacing with no additional line spaces before or after paragraphs, 1 inch margins using 12 point font and apply other APA related rules for formatting.
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