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Can you imagine an effective leader who is not an effective communicator? Leadership communication skills are very important. Some would call it the most important leadership competency. Without the skills of effective communication, you will not be an effective leader, especially in this complex, fast-paced environment.
It is important for the leader to create an environment of open communication where the exchange of ideas, solutions, and problems can all be discussed without fear. When employees understand that communication is open and encouraged, they will perform better.
Using the online library resources, and the Internet, research communication competencies required for leaders. Respond to the following:
β€’What are some key communication competencies needed in leaders today?
β€’Is individual communication more important than group or mass communication? Why or why not?
β€’List 3–5 methods that leaders can use to improve their individual communication skills.
Support your positions with specific examples or by citing credible sources.
Write your initial response in approximately 300 words. Apply APA standards to citation of sources.

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