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Business Letter Assignment (15%)
Write a letter in response to one of the scenarios below. To prepare for your letter, write a brief audience analysis that answers the following questions:
 What is my purpose? What do I want to accomplish?
 What does my reader already know? What are their expectations?
 How will my reader respond to my letter?
 What information do I need to include to ensure that my letter is understood and accepted?
Include these answers in your submission.
On July 12, 2015, Cassandra Tilley got into a taxi around 7:00 AM on route to the Calgary International Airport. Her ride to the airport cost her $59.00, including a 15% tip. Shortly after arriving, she made her way to her gate to board WestJet Flight 3405 on route to Toronto, Ontario. Her flight was scheduled to board at 9:20 AM and depart at 9:55 AM.
Because of a lightening advisory however, her flight, including everyone else’s, was grounded until further notice. Every hour or so, she read the electronic flight status board and saw that her flight had been delayed another hour. Confident that she would eventually be able to depart, Cassandra waited and waited (See Figure 1). When the lightening advisory was lifted at 11:30 AM, Cassandra anticipated that her flight would depart soon. Little did she know, the airline would continue to broadcast hour-long delay announcements, giving her false hope, until it eventually decided to cancel the flight at 3:30 PM. With the cancellation announcement came instructions to call WestJet and reschedule. Because her flight wasn’t the only flight that was cancelled, it took Casandra an hour to get through to a WestJet customer care representative. During that time, Cassandra picked up her luggage, got another cab, and made her way back home. Once she got home and through to a representative, she was told that she could be put on a 7:00 PM flight that night.Although she accepted the flight, Cassandra is upset that she had to pay an extra $118.00 of cab rides from and back to the airport and wasted roughly 8 hours at the airport. She said that her flight should have been cancelled earlier, and the WestJet representatives should have been there to advise her on her options before she made her trip back home.

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