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Case Study Analysis: Conditions involving the brain.  The Case study I have selected is Case II, Mr. D., a 20 year old college student, experienced damage to the right side of his brain due to a ruptured congenital aneurysm.  The aneurysm was surgically repaired.
1.  What potential residual effects might you expect with right-sided brain damage?
2.  Although you will obviously need additional information about the manifestations of brain damage Mr. D. experienced, how would you expect the damage to affect his ability to return to school?
3.  Which specific services or accommodations might Mr. D. need in the event that he returns to school?
I need a three page paper, a minimum of 3 APA references.  Introduction:  In an introductory paragraph, provide an overview of the selected case, and main points of the paper.  Body:  In a separate paragraph, describe the case selected for this paper, Describe the condition presented in the selected case, including signs and symptoms, course of the disease, prognosis, and resultant needs of the patient., Discuss the various ways in which the condition will affect the individual’s social experiences, include: Spouse, significant other, or those most closely or intimately associated with the individual.  Family and extended family.

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