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BP & Toyota
Being in the marketing department at either company converts me in to the principle
relationship link between the company and the general public, which could have been harmed by
the actions of these companies and individual concerned working therein. Therefore, it is at once
my responsibility to offer sincere apologies on behalf of the companies, as a primary mark of
recognition of a fault on behalf of the company. We will tackle the situation differently from
then on, upon a case by case basis.
In the case of BP, the marketing department will address the several concerns raised due
to the environmental damage as well as damage to the local economies connected intricately to
the beaches. In the immediate days afterward there were persistent questions over the fate of the
beaches and these businesses, which the company should have adopted without any outside
pressure taking social responsibility on its own. The role of the marketing department in the
followup the incident should have been one of truthfulness. BP should truthfully advertise itself
not only to the masses, but also to the regulatory agencies overseeing the bidding on oil blocks
for exploration. Therefore, if the company is unable to invest in safe equipment or oversight, it
should stand aside by being truthful. In the end the Gulf fiasco ended up costing it more than it
will ever really derive out of that block (Freudenburg & Gramling, 2011).
In the case of Toyota, the responsibility of the marketing department is again to verify the
security claims being made in any communications or advertisements, before they are broadcast.
Post the incidents, it is upon the department to do damage control โ€“ centered not merely at
preserving the company image but reflecting how it intends to address the fallout. How it is
ensuring that the incidents do not ever happen again, how it intends to address those affected by
the mishaps and what the company attitude is toward governmental interventions or safety audits
from independent third party regulators.

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