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Behavioral chaining is a common intervention used with individuals with developmental delays.

  1. Describe the process of forward chaining modifications.
  2. Describe the process of total task chaining modifications.
  3. Describe the process of backward chaining modifications.
  4. Describe the process of backward chaining with leap ahead modifications.


  1. With a specific target behavior (NOT TOOTHBRUSHING) in mind, provide a case study example where you would utilize a task analysis assessment


  1. A functional evaluation to determine which chaining approach to use when developing a new behavior (REGULAR TOOTHBRUSHING).


  1. Discuss the importance of cognitive, physical, and motoric abilities and needs of the individual when making this determination.


  1. Additionally, describe how the following factors might affect the performance of a behavior chain:
  2. i) Length or complexity of the chain,
  3. ii) Completeness of the task analysis

iii) Stimulus variation,

  1. iv) Schedule of reinforcement,
  2. v) Response variation.


  1. How might the type of setting influence your decision in selecting an appropriate chaining approach?


  1. Conclude with a brief discussion regarding
  2. a) The ethical,
  3. b) Legal,
  4. c) Individual
  5. d) Socio-cultural implications of your decisions.

Be sure to provide both in-text citations and a final reference page as per APA style to support your answers throughout your work. (10 pages)

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