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Your assignment must

  • be your original work (please talk to me if you have any doubts about what this means)
  • have all relevant information on the cover (name, student number, module name and number, assignment title, due date, word count)
  • be close to 3000 words (within 10%) not including the bibliography
  • have proper references, preferably in the Harvard style
  • be written in formal English – although there are no specific marks allocated for grammar, punctuation and spelling, overall impression is important and can affect marks awarded. Concise and cogent arguments are encouraged.  Incoherent sections may not be awarded any marks.

The report will be marked according to the following main criteria:

  • the extent to which managerial solutions to the business issues raised are well argued
  • the use of appropriate sources of information (e.g. reputable business journals, research reports and academic journals)
  • the degree to which the information put forward in the report is synthesised, critically evaluated and analysed
  • the degree to which appropriate conclusions are derived from a critical evaluation of the main issues raised in the report

Other considerations include:

  • clarity and structure of the arguments (formal report writing format with appropriate executive summary, introduction and conclusions)
  • overall presentation, including spelling, grammar and punctuation.

Additional guidance will be given in class.
Students with drafts will have the opportunity to discuss their approach and/or conclusions in the weeks preceding the deadline.
Read very carefully through the following:
Your Brief
You are a member of the Executive Management Team for the Squire Hotel Group.  See core text and refer to seminar for this case study as background information and consider some of the key issues that we discussed as part of the seminar on the Squire Hotel Group).
The Chief Executive of this Group of hotels has recently attended an Executive Seminar on the EFQM Excellence Model and was impressed with the holistic approach that the model takes to managing, measuring and improving organisational performance.
In view of this, the CEO has asked you to research, critically evaluate and make recommendations in a report to her on whether this EFQM Model can provide a framework for improving organisational performance at the Squire Hotel Group.  As part of this report, the CEO is interested to learn whether other service organisations are using this approach and how successful the approach has been in impacting on the ‘bottom line’.  The CEO has also asked that as part of the report you set out a list of recommendations.

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