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Based on the Employee Training and Development materials that have been assigned for this week, it is true that all levels of training are necessary for implementation for the success of the program. Additionally, an excellent point was mentioned regarding the importance of training that is provided by an organization as well as the receptiveness of those who participate in the training. Ultimately, proper training and the right work environment are essential to the success for all who are involved. Additionally, workplace training assists in bridging the skills gap between education and employment, while also being necessary in order for employees to become successful with their career goals. That being said, it is important for employers to take the initiative to work with their employees to develop the skills they need to succeed. However, as you mentioned, it does not make sense to set up developmental goals for individuals who are close to retirement, especially if it is understood that the employee is retiring once he or she becomes eligible. Based on your experience and the factors that you have observed as being the case for the lack of initiative, what suggestions do you have that may assist with increasing the initiative for both the employer and the employee who lack the desire to provide and participate in training?

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