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The company continues to grow and will be adding another branch in a different state. As the IT manager, you realize the need for a systemized method of managing and maintaining the network since the current method is done manually and you do not have the proper tools in place to ensure that users are being supported. The major areas of concern are:
Asset tracking – Currently, there is no method of tracking IT assets and the current inventory is outdated. Maintenance is difficult and planning is non-existent because you do not know what you have. The finance department is having more and more difficulty calculating depreciation because of the poor records in your department.
Network monitoring – More and more users are complaining of poor response times and network outages. Your small staff is becoming frustrated because they cannot pinpoint the problems(s).
Software licensing – In the past, there was no control over software purchasing and installation. All users had administrative access and could load any software they desired on their company computer. You have instituted stricter controls but you still don’t have a method of identifying, tracking, and updating software licenses. This could become a costly issue if the company is fined for not having properly licensed software.
Email from CIO:
From: Elizabeth Marks [mailto:e.marks@ourcompany.com] Sent: Wednesday, November 18, 2009 12:07 PM
To: ‘IT Manager’
Subject: RE: Expenditures for network software.
I received your email and certainly do agree that with our new expansion and company growth that our old methods of tracking assets, monitoring the network and tracking software licenses are getting more difficult to do. I have spoken to the finance committee and they agreed to allocate our department funds for purchasing software, if needed. You know that Joey Smith, the CFO, considers himself to be somewhat of a techie and of course, he mentioned that he thought that we could get free software, which would be better. Open source software has its place but may not be the best solution for us. As you know, I have my hand in the pot to get funding for our new phone system upgrade coming up soon so the finance committee wants me to keep this expenditure at a minimum but they also understand the need to have the right solutions in place.
I have set up some time next Thursday for you to make a presentation to the steering committee to present a proposal for a solution to meet the company’s needs. Since we currently have 150 employees on staff, will be adding a branch office in Miami with 80 additional employees and another 20 sales staff who telecommute, we need to ensure that we propose a solution that is scalable and can support offsite staff. It would be great if you could find an all-in-one solution, but I do realize that this may not be feasible. Your presentation should include your recommended solution (s) and an alternative, in the event that your recommended solution is not accepted.
I look forward to your presentation.
Deliverables – This is what the instructor expects in your submission.
PowerPoint Presentation complete with speaker notes with an analysis of contains your recommendations for the following:
Software for tracking IT assets.
The two highest-priority network parameters to monitor on a daily basis and what to use to do it.
A method of documenting, tracking, and updating software licenses.
Your presentation should contain details, side-by-side analysis of solutions, supporting evidence, and costs (if available), for your choices.

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