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Available Technology Solutions
There are many different technology solutions available for Plainview to consider given
the organization’s needs. The various products offered each come with their own advantages and
disadvantages that must be considered based upon what would provide the most benefit or the
best solution for the needs of the organization. Multiple companies offer systems that will
benefit Plainview, including Cisco, Juniper, and Alcatel-Lucent.
Cisco Enterprise Services Solutions
Cisco offers many different enterprise service solutions, including borderless network
services, security services, unified communication services, and collaboration services. Each of
these solutions serves a different function, which combined can offer a complete solution for
Borderless Network Services. Cisco’s Borderless Network Services operates through
secured cloud computing. This allows information within the system to be accessed from
virtually anywhere. The use of cloud computing allows an organization to put more load on the
server as needed (“Borderless,”). Because the organization gets charged based on usage, the use
of cloud computing is more feasible. While cloud computing is used, there is still some level of
infrastructure required. This includes wireless, routing, switching, application networking/
optimization, and security. However, outside devices can be used with the end-point or user
services of the system. This means that Plainview can continue using their existing devices
without having to purchase new equipment to run the system.
Security Services. Security of information is as equally as important as access, especially
when dealing with sensitive information. Cisco offers many security solutions. Security services
by Cisco include the use of strong firewall services, specialized defense systems against threats.
The company also provides secure methods for remote access into a system, as well as security
for enterprise mobility.
Unified Communication Services. With communication being a major issue found
within Plainview, a solution focused upon improving communication is essential. Cisco offers
products which provide unified communications. This means that multiple communication tools
are combined to successfully work as one unit (“Voice,”). This helps improve communications
making it easier to communication between offices. The unified communication services goes
beyond the basic email and phone, and includes video which is easily accessible on the desktop
or on the road.
Collaboration Services. The architecture of the Cisco system easily lends its self to
collaboration and plays a key role in Cisco’s collaboration services. Cisco offers Cisco Prime,
which provides a management infrastructure. This infrastructure comes with multiple modules
focusing on specific areas including overall management, network analysis, and collaboration.
The infrastructure designed specifically for collaboration assists with video collaboration, which
can improve the efficiency of Plainview and solve their communication issues. The system
provides visualization of the collaboration session, as well as various reports. Cisco also offers
their collaboration system on a pay-as-you-go system, allowing organizations to use the system
only as needed, or as regularly as they wish.
Juniper Enterprise Service Solutions
Juniper also offers technology solutions that could prove to be beneficial to Plainview,
helping them meet their communication needs.
Network Infrastructure. Juniper’s network can operate on existing enterprise network
technology. This means that Plainview would be able to keep their current equipment and simply
install the new network from Juniper. Juniper can operate with Microsoft Applications, Oracle,
SAP Applications, VMware, and VoIP. Additionally, the network offered by Juniper is fully
integrated. In other words, the network takes up less space, requiring fewer boxes or storage in
order for the network to be fully functional.
Mobility. Juniper’s system does have mobility, providing a multi-function, single-client
security solution. This allows users to utilize the system outside of the traditional office
environment, without having to use a specific desktop computer. Having a system with mobility
allows the workforce to be mobile, and in Plainview’s case will benefit the communication
between the four different offices. Using the mobile feature of Juniper’s system will simplify the
end user experience. It will also provide clear visibility of mobile users and access to the
network (“Mobility,” 2012). With the security features associated with the mobile aspect of the
system, corporate data is protected from being compromised from lost or stolen mobile devices.
Security and Compliance. Security is a major aspect of Juniper’s system. Juniper prides
itself on providing the same network on mobile devices, which increases the need for security of
the system. Likewise, security needs have changed slightly as cloud-computing technology has
been integrated with the system. There are the traditional security measures put in place, such as
firewalls. Other security measures allow IT security administrators to see a clear view of the
system, which shows them who entered the system. This helps to the organization to monitor the
system and watch for any breaches that may result in compromised data. The security measures
put in place are found throughout the system, protecting all data.

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