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70 marks total; 20% of your final course grade.
You are to continue your case analysis of the same company you chose in
Assignment 1. Please hand in Part 1 and 2 together as they now will complete a full
Case Study Approach: What to Include in Your Assignment
(Note: Marketing concepts you are expected to know are stated in italics)

  1. Current Product: Describe the product or service with regards to its classification category, the

stage in its product life cycle, and its branding – what type of branding strategy have they used and
why. If you are studying a service, describe the service in terms of Intangibility, Inseparability,
Heterogeneity and Perishability. (15 marks)

  1. Current Place: Describe in detail the distribution strategy of the product/service. Which marketing

channel and intermediaries are being used and why? Consider factors affecting channel choice and
management.  (15 marks)

  1. Current Pricing: Describe the pricing strategy in detail. Choose one specific product/service for

sale by the company and state its price. Using the 4 steps of deriving a final price, make assumptions
of how the company derived the selling price for the product/service in question.  (15 marks)

  1. Current Promotion: Describe the promotions strategy in terms of the various marketing

communications used. Explain why this approach was taken by considering the stage in the product
life cycle as well as the promotion objectives and promotions budget. Make assumptions if you need

  1. to. (10 marks)
  2. New Direction: Now that you have a good grasp of the marketing of a company/product/service as

it exists today, what ideas or recommendations do you have regarding each of the 4P’s of the
marketing mix for the future? Detail the market product focus you have chosen to recommend and
why it is the best possible choice. Discuss the feasibility and time frame of the implementation.
Remember this is still a proposal, so you want to give detail and justification and sell your client on the ideal, but do not give all the
details of the implementation or they will take the idea and NOT hire you.  (10 marks)
Appearance of the Submission (5 marks)
This is a report in marketing. Since marketing is “somewhere between” the analytic and the creative, your
team is encouraged to use various forms of communication. For instance, the report can be in the form of a
video or a 3-D structure. Even though your team develops a creative report, you must still communicate all
the required components in detaifor this assignment

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