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assignment has two parts:

  1. Research notes & table of references (60% of assignment grade)

-Research notes (max 1200 words) outlining research undertaken using a variety of independent sources of information to prepare the presentation
-The notes should provide evidence of the research undertaken and its substance
-The notes should be accompanied by a Table of Reference in the correct format.
-The table of references is excluded from the word limit.

  1. PowerPoint presentation (40% of the assignment grade)

-A slide presentation using words, images, charts and tables (if/as appropriate) analyzing the size, sector and type of business;
-The stated values and social responsibility activities;
-Analysis of the political, legal, and regulatory, socio-cultural and demographic and technological environments in which your assigned company operates
-Identify key factors int he external environment that might affect your company and/or influence decision made by managers in the company.

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