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As part of training for the sales force of your company, you have been asked to prepare a seminar about advertising concepts or creative strategies
Your first assignment is to find and identify 5 different advertising concepts or creative strategies for products or services in existing media. Notice that one of the requirements is to find a service rather than a product. The 5 required elements are as follows:
an advertisment in a fashion magazine,
an advertisment for a service in a newspaper,
a rotating banner or spot advertisment on a Web Page,
written copy in a direct mail catalog, and
an informative commercial; or inoformercial, on television.
For each example you find, write an analysis that is at least 2 but no more than 5 paragraphs in length. The first paragraph should discuss the creative angle or general strategy for the advertisement, and the subsequent paragraphs should be a critical analysis of the advertising copy. Give a detailed response. Pay attention not only to the copy but also to the look and feel of the advertisement.
In the first paragraph, consider the colors, font, or tone of voice used in the advertisement before you write your analysis of the copy. In the second paragraph (and any subsequent paragraphs), consider the intended audience and what the copywriter wants the audience to understand or feel. Decide why the advertisement is or is not successful. Take care to thoroughly defend your analysis.
You must submit the following:
•               Advertisement in a fashion magazine: 2–5 paragraphs of text and scanned images of the magazine advertisement
•               Advertisement for a service in a newspaper: 2–5 paragraphs of text and scanned images of the newspaper advertisement
•               A rotating banner or spot advertisement on a Web page: 2–5 paragraphs of text and a screenshot saved as a JPEG, or a written description of the advertisement and the copy on the Web page
•               Written copy in direct mail catalog: 2–5 paragraphs of text and a scanned image of the first page of the direct mail catalog
•               Informative commercial, or infomercial, on television: 2–5 paragraphs of text and a description or transcript of at least a few sentences of the infomercial (inserted at the beginning of your fifth document)

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