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As mentioned in the assigned reading, the use of Bell Curves in the performance management section as a basis for employee performance evaluations has a tendency to result in a negative effect on employees perceptions of their work environment. For example, out of a 100% workforce, if all are assigned a number 1-5 as discussed in the reading exercise, roughly 80% of this population can be grouped into the average to low performance bands. With this in mind, only 5 -10% can be scored as exceeding expectations per year. Therefore, based on this evaluation criteria, it has the tendency to eliminate raises for the employees, specifically because the only eligible employees will be those that score in the top 5%. Ultimately, this is just another step towards a less than satisfied workforce and seems that it would be taking a toll on loyalty, turn over, and general company moral.
Do you agree or disagree?
Please share your thoughts and examples of experiences that you may have with the use of Bell Curves.

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