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Are you a healthy individual?
Actualized people are assumedly healthy and productive. Being productive has many dimensions – working, loving, and reasoning. Because productive people work toward positive freedom and a continuing realization of their potential, they are the most healthy of all character types. Only through productive activity can people solve the basic human dilemma: that is, to unite with the world and with others while retaining uniqueness and individuality.
Healthy people value workΒ  not as an end in itself, but as a means of creative self-expression. They do not work to exploit others, to market themselves, to
withdraw from others, or to accumulate needless material possessions. They are neither lazy nor compulsively active, but use work as a means of producing
life’s necessities.
Class, do you work as a means of producing life necessities?
Basic Level Needs
In order to move up in each level of Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, you must satisfy lower level basic needs before progressing on to meet higher level growth needs. Once these needs have been reasonably satisfied, you may be able to reach the highest level known as self-actualization. Progress through the hierarchy of needs is often disrupted by failure to meet lower level needs or life experiences including divorce and loss of job, which may cause an individual to fluctuate between levels of the hierarchy. For example, if you are hungry, you may be too focused on obtaining food (a physiological need) to seek safety or love in your life. On the other hand, when your basic needs of hunger or safety are met you can focus on finding love, your achievements and feeling accomplished in your life, which then leads to the highest level of fulfillment, self-actualization, which means you have reached your full potential in your life.
Class, can you think of a time when you were unable to reach your full potential in your life because of basic level needs not being met?Β  If you can relate please share your experience!

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