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Homework #4 (EHR) – Applying Your Knowledge
Directions:  In a one page summary answer question regarding Patient Tracker.  You are working in the front office and an existing patient already in the HER database enters the waiting room.  You check the electronic appointment schedule and see that the patient is not on it.  What is the quickest way you can place the patient in the Patient Tracker feature so the program records the exact time the patient entered the waiting room and became the clinic’s responsibility?
1.The one page summary must be typed in Microsoft Word, TimesRoman, 12pt., double spaced.
2.Any references must be cited in the APA Style of writing within the summary and at the end of the summary. Do not use your textbook as a reference. Summary must be written in the third person.
3.Save assignment as lastname_HW4   example: McNair_HW4

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