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APA Formatting
Master’s Level
Think of a medical test that you or someone you know has undergone.

  • Was it more important for the test to be sensitive or for it to be specific? Why?
  • What would be the implications if the result were a false positive?
  • What if there had been a false negative result?

When addressing this essay choose a test and elaborate on the accuracy of the test, quality controls and any performer error that may need considered. See the link for a sample strep test below. This is a simple test. Most of us are familiar with it. After viewing the video on the site, consider the numerous errors that could occur. You may use this test if you like or choose one for yourself.
I suggest you choose a basic simple test that you can find adequate information on false negative and false positive errors. Examples include urine for pregnancy test, HIV ready test, finger stick blood glucose etc. You may certainly address manufacturer specifics as well, if you choose.
Please use the template provided for ease of formatting.
Sample headings for this essay, (bold and centered)
Introduction (Do not use this as a heading but have an introduction)
Sensitivity vs. Specificity
Purpose of Test
Correct Process of Administering the Test (Include Quality Control Measures)
Alpha and Beta Errors (This is where you address false negative and false positive implications)

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