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Analyze the team and its leader that you have been a part of using the concepts of Motivating and Leading Team Members. Consider the following categories and answer the questions:


• What are the common values team members’ shares? How do these common values help the leader?

• Are there any shared team values, which, if present hinder the team’s performance? Justify.

• Are there any shared values missing which if present would enable higher team performance?

• Is the leader a value-based leader? Justify.

• What action steps would enhance the shared values of the team?


• How would you analyze the leader of the team using the four EI dimensions (self-awareness, self-management, social awareness, and relationship management)?

• What competencies does the leader have that are strengths?

• What competencies might be lacking or are weaknesses?

• Is the team marked by resonance (positive emotions) or dissonance (negative emotions)?

• What action steps would help improve the leaders’ EI?


• Is power shared in the group? How?

• Do team members feel empowered?

• Is the level of empowerment in the group appropriate? Why?

• What conditions exist that support team members’ feelings of empowerment?

• What conditions exist that if removed could increase team members’ feelings of empowerment?

• What action steps could improve empowerment/motivation in the team?



• What type of communication occurs in team interactions (i.e., persuasion, information, entertainment, relationship)?

• Does the correct type of communication occur or does the wrong type of communication frequently occur?

• What type of communication method does the leader use? Does the leader listen, persuade, manipulate, or coerce?

• What actions steps could improve team communication?


Team Design

• How well is the team designed? Is there any category of the team design phases (i.e., task analysis, people, process or procedures) that needs to be re-examined and possible changes made?

• Where is the team at in the stages of team development?

• What action steps could improve team design or development?

Be sure to include at least three library sources and eight to ten key concepts from the readings in Introduction to LEADERSHIP: Concepts and Practice

1st ed. Peter G. Northouse

Summarize your answers in a 3- to 4-page Microsoft Word document.

Support your responses with examples.

Cite any sources in APA format.


Provided 3- to 4-page research paper that includes three library sources and eight to ten key course concepts to support the work submitted.



Described the team’s value system. Identified any shared values within the team and discussed whether any were missing. Identified whether or not the leader is a values-based leader. Discussed action steps to enhance shared values on the team.



Analyzed the leaders’ four EI dimensions. Discussed the leaders’ EI strengths and weaknesses. Identified whether the team is impacted by resonance and or dissonance. Described action steps the leader should take to improve the leaders’ EI.



Discussed whether power was shared within the team. Identified whether team members felt empowered and if that level of empowerment was appropriate. Discussed the existing conditions that support team members’ feelings of empowerment. Discussed the conditions that if removed could increase team members’ feelings of empowerment. Identified action steps that could improve empowerment or motivation in the team.


Described the type of communication that occurs in team interactions. Discussed whether the right or wrong type of communication occurred most frequently. Described the communication method(s) used by the leader. Described action steps that could be taken to improve team communication.



Discussed how well the team is designed. Described phases of the team design that need redesigning and identified changes that need to be made. Identified where the team currently is in the stages of team development. Identified action steps that could be taken to improve team design/development.


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