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An individual’s place of employment is a major part of their life, spending a significant
amount of time there. Likewise, the individual also spends their energy working towards the
mission of their employer. Therefore, it is often critical that the values of a company and
employee align for maximum job satisfaction and productivity (Gitman, and McDaniel, 2009).
In order to ensure that values align, it is often helpful to create a set of criteria to look for
when considering working for an employer. When looking for work, there are five different
criterions that I specifically look for, before applying to any position with a potential employer.
One of the criterions that I look for is whether I am interested in and qualified for available
positions within the organization. Meanwhile other criterions include whether I support the
mission of the organization and agree with the values by which the organization operates. I also
look at the location of the organization and available positions. Other important criterions that I
take into consideration include the reliability of the company, as well as the potential for growth
within the organization.
This basis of criteria is beneficial in deciding whether to pursue a career with the
organization. This criterion helps establish whether the organization is one, in which I see
potential for job satisfaction, which is important for overall happiness. While maintaining criteria
is important, it is useless unless it can be applied appropriately. For instance, three companies
that I am interested in include Nike, Carnival Cruise Lines, and ING. The criteria I hold for
employers can be applied to each of these companies to determine if they are a suitable match
for me to pursue.
Each of these three companies offer a unique variety of positions. Nike offers positions
from retail to corporate, including positions in management and design. Meanwhile, Carnival
Cruise Lines has positions available from basic crew to corporate. ING on the other hand, has
primarily white-collar jobs from entry-level to corporate. All of these positions are unique in
their expectations and duties, but each company has available positions that pique my interest.
The mission of Carnival Cruise Lines and ING are based upon consumer experience,
while Nike is based upon inspiring consumers (“About Nike,” 2011). Likewise, each of these
companies are reputable, meaning they operate by a strong set of values. These two factors
together, mean that each of these companies are one I would consider working with.
Both Nike and ING operate internationally. This means that there are available positions
in multiple countries. In addition, both companies have positions available in several different
regions of the United States as well. Carnival Cruise Lines, on the other hand, operate solely out
of Florida and California. It is also important to note that Carnival Cruise Lines has positions
both land-based and shipboard. The location for these companies varies. However, it is more
feasible for me to find a position with Nike or ING based solely upon the number of different
locations in which they operate.
All three of the companies—Nike, Carnival Cruise Lines, and ING—are reliable
companies. Nike and Carnival Cruise Lines have been in existence for much longer than ING,
being established in 1971, 1972, and 1991 respectively (“Mission,” 2006). The fact that these
organizations have been able to withstand the test of time and multiples market fluctuations is
indicative that they will be able to overcome future challenges as well.
Growth is the final criterion on which an employer must be evaluated. Nike encourages
growth of their employees. Employees are consistently challenged and tuition assistance is
provided (depending upon the specific position). Additionally, the organization has many
different levels in their organizational structure that helps to encourage growth. Carnival Cruise
Lines, on the other hand, offers forward-thinking programs that offer opportunity for growth of
employees. Meanwhile, ING also encourages growth of employees. The organization has put in
place talent management activities that focus upon building skill sets that will help employees
flourish (“Careers,” 2012). Growth is also encouraged by the companies underlying desire to
have employees stay long-term with the organization.
Nike, Carnival Cruise Lines, and ING are all great companies. After looking at the five
criterions that I have selected, some companies are a better-suited match than the others.
Carefully looking at the criteria, the companies can be ranked based upon their level of overall
match. In this case, Nike would be first, followed by ING and then Carnival Cruise Lines.
With Nike being selected first, it would be my ideal company of the three to work for as
my employer. Many of the criterions were met by all three companies. However, Nike exceled
over Carnival Cruise Lines and performed slightly better than ING in regards to location. Nike
also performed better regarding reliability, while the company came in on par with Carnival, it
exceled over ING. Even though all three companies offer a unique variety of positions, Nike
offers more positions in which I am interested.
While Nike performed well with all of the criteria, I would have liked to see better
performance in regards to the growth criterion. Nike does offer opportunities for growth, but
they are not as strong as those offered by ING or by Carnival Cruise Lines. However, overall, the
majority of my criteria were met by Nike and it appears as though our values align. This should
lead to job satisfaction and employment with an employer I am proud to work for.

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